Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Vision to Wealth Dare Seminar - Bill Walsh

Malam tadi sempat ke seminar Bill Walsh yang bertajuk Vision to Wealth Dare di Wisma MCA, Kuala Lumpur yang mana seminar ini sponsored by Dr Azizan Osman. Walaupun seminar ni setakat short seminar, 8pm -10pm namun ia tetap majlis ilmu yang amat bermanfaat dan free pula. Terima kasih pada Dr Azizan Osman dan Rickworks

Seminar Vision to Wealth Dare ini, Bill Walsh menyatakan kenapa seseorang tidak boleh menjadi kaya (Why People Never Become Rich):

  • Time Perspective
  • Procrastinate  - they never take any action, until it's too late
  • Gratification  - love to spend money for short term pleasure
  • Never decide to be rich - indecision kills our destiny
  • Never think to be rich
  • It never occurs to them that it's possible to them, so they don't take any initiatives to be wealthy - they might comes from poor family, intermediate environment & society, associate with people who are not wealthy. Observed, normally childrens that comes from rich family/parents is doing business - they tend to be businessma
    n also/wealthy in the future. (Ini aku tambah, sumber daripada Rozi, kebetulan pula hari ini dia post dalam fb)

Tip Persediaan sebelum launch product :

  • Leader - mentor
  • Plan - schedule your success and study (case study and R&D). Better plan, better opportunity to success.
  • System
  • Team - you cannot do it yourself

Akhir seminar Vision to Wealth Dare, soalan yang ditanya "My Personal WHY?" , silalah jawap dimulai dengan "I am going to... " so, apa lagi jawaplah....

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